Here are simple 5 easy Steps to buying your car from USA and ship

Here are simple 5 easy Steps to buying your car from USA and ship

1. Registering with one of the car auction websites or  making a search on a car listing website:

The first step on my list here is to decide if you want to buy from a car from listing website like and or if you are interested in buying from online car auctions like and

When you have decided and you are buying from or, all you will need to do is just to search for any available car of your choice and choose. Please do not buy nor negotiate all these private sellers if you don’t have someone you really trust, someone who can go pays for and pick up the car on your behalf in person.

It’s a very good idea and a better option to buy from the dealerships who are very reliable, more especially those that are LLC (Limited Liability Company) with good reviews. Whenever you are buying cars from the dealerships, you make sure of calling them to make inquiries and seal the deal.

An online car auction is also a very safe and reliable way of buying your dream cars across the Atlantic especially when you do not have a well-trusted ally over there. Please take note of this "Do not send money to just anyone nor make the mistake of sending your money to just any person or dealership".

Most importantly, Know the kind of person both family members you trust with your money, never you send money to family and friends that are not well trusted as they may use your money to pay rent.

Most of these auction companies online offer free registration while others charge $200 (N72,000) initial registration as well as an annual subscription.

Here are few of these trusted online car auction sites which are,,, etc. You may also require to submit your identification card as well as other required documents in order to increase your bidding eligibility.

2. Learning and understanding the common terms used by the car auction dealers:

This is one of the most important as the technical terms are tools you require to make purchase decisions.

You are expected to know the meaning of salvage title, clean title, buy it now, pure sale, enhanced vehicle, engine start program, run and drive, etc.

You also have the need of knowing the basic idea of the location of the states in the USA so your story won’t be like that of a guy who bought a car in Oregon State without knowing that the car was in Orlando, Florida. So this eventually leads to an additional payment of $1,500 (N250,000) in shipping charges back in 2014.

Note Cars that do not have a valid title cannot be export, so take note of making all necessary information before making payments. Once this Information is confirmed you should only proceed to bid if the car’s title document is a clean title, certificate of title or salvage title.

3. Searching and selecting for the exact car you want to buy:

This is one of the most tedious parts of buying a car, For instance, in Nigeria, one can sometimes have to drive from Lagos to Ibadan in search of a car you may not like eventually.

However, a simplified means have been introduced in the sense that online auction gives you access to over 150,000 cars from your bedroom. Isn’t that interesting?

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